Member Benefits

all EPPPA members will have equal access to the following benefits

  1. EPPPA :-will organize at least two or three training programs within a year and each member will participate in the training based on the arrangement by EPPPA. there will be also experience sharing programs to visit better achieving poultry companies.
  2. EPPPA:– will provide consultancy and advisory service for its members in every aspect needed.
  3. EPPPA:- will write support letters in any requirements of its member like foreign exchange, loan, and any other supports.
  4. EPPPA:- creates market linkage for inputs and for products produced from its members, for example, day-old chicks, pullets, eggs, poultry meat, vaccines, premixes, and other poultry equipment.
  5. EPPPA:– will facilitate for its members to participate in exhibitions and bazaars to promote their products, to access business to business discussions, and create market linkage inside and outside the country
  6. EPPPA:- will maintain the interest and rights of its members.
  7. EPPPA :- make a continuous assessment for problems and challenges in the poultry sector and we will address for the concerned body to overcome the challenges. we always try to smoothen the working environment by making continuous dialogues with the government bodies.