Mission/Vision and Values

Vision: Our vision is to see a developed Ethiopian poultry sub sector where our members are prosper and empowered economically and become competitive internationally.

Mission: To promote Ethiopian poultry sub sector through advocating for favorable business environments, better technology introduction to its members, creating access to training and other capacity building activities to its members and networking with other similar associations.


  • Self-help: We work as individual and group improve the economic return of poultry producers through our own work and effort.
  • Self-responsibility: We believe and committed that we are accountable for our actions, responsibilities, and duties individually as a member and collectively.
  • Democracy: The association is operating democratically
  • Equality: We promote and ensure fairness among members regardless of their socio-economic status, religion, ethnicity, race, age and gender
  • Solidarity: We Work together and support each other at all times to develop the poultry sub sector and to strive for the achievement of our common goals.

Members’ ethical values: Members’ ethical value includes accountability and transparency, social responsibility, confidentiality, supporting others, prioritizing majority’s interest before self interest