EPPPA Upcoming Focus areas

As per the action plan EPPPA management is expected to accomplish several activities in the 2016 fiscal year. These include:

  • EPPPA management and the Board Directors will work hand in hand to widen the membership base through continuous sensitization and awareness creation to those involved in poultry production and processing on the overall objective and advantages they count on the association.
  • Tailored training on poultry production will be provided to selected 40 participants from member organizations to this end, soon members will be contacted to identify their potential candidates
  • Similarly in the near future various workshops are also envisaged to take place through the financial support of Agrittera particularly to Stakeholders, Board members and the management, formal communications will be established with relevant institutions once the date and venue are known.
  • Develop a comprehensive saleable project document and submit to potential Donors to secure funds for future EPPPA activities
  • In addition EPPPA will intensify its effort on the negotiation with the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries to regain the poultry training center which is located at Kality

The Annual Conference (General Assembly) of EPPPA will take place in early 2009 EC, the date and venue will be announced prior to the event.

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